TANK TOP "Le Gileton du PÉGRIOT"

41,67 €

The Gileton du Pégriot is made in an old French Family owned Hosiery.

  • 100% combed soft cotton.
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Knitting Meshes RICHELIEU style.
  • Knitting on a Tubular Machine "LOOPWHEELER".
  • Tubular fitting.
  • Made in France.
  • Registered design

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"Le Gileton du Pégriot" represents the Material of the "Truth of The truth".

The famous undershirt tank top "Marcel" carried as well by the Thugs, Godfellas
as by the Workers.

THE UNDERSHIRT: Its origin goes back up in the middle of the XIXth century.

This sleeveless and woollen shirt was invented for the warehousemen of the
Halle in Paris (The main warehouse and distribution centre for all food
stuff arriving in Paris). It had the advantage to free the movements of the
dockers while warming their loins. This explains the name undershirt which
persisted for a long time.
But, it is specially at the end of the century, with the cotton stitch that
this garment will develop in particular with the mark *Marcel*  invented by
Marcel Marongiu and which since fell in the ordinary language.
During World War I, what we call from now on the “Marcel” is one of the
statutory accessories of the package of the “poilus” (The name given to the
French soldiers) sent to the front.
In 1933, general Henrick Brun makes one with a fishing net and proposes it
to his soldiers; he so invents the model with airy stitch.