107,50 €

Le « Pégriot » is manufactured in an old French familiary hosiery

  • 100 % Super combed cotton, Mild and Comfortable
  • Mesh knitting edge RICHELIEU 
  • Knitted on a cylindrical loom
  • Close Fit
  • Registered Pattern
  • Made In France
  • Screenprinted with Biodegradable water ink. Ecosystem guarantee

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Le PEGRIOT "1934"

Georges Hainnaux became notorious known as "Jo la Terreur".

This moniker has been assigned during The STAVISKY in 1934 by Georges Simenon, French reporter for Paris-Soir. He was born in Boulogne Billancourt in 1895, right away on his own, « l’apache » become street wrestler and frequent artists and barkers.

Really quickly linked to "la Goulue" and to "Casque d'Or", key figure of century beginning Paris, he become a René LAMBERT’s student aka "René de Londres", one of the most powerful rogue of the capital

For his 18 years old, Jo is a mayhem racket specialist, in Paris but also in London, where reigns the French mob. 

We will meet him also in South America and in Canada, always in the French pimp environment. He become a Montmartre figure and one of a rogue with which the whole-Paris like to be assigned. 

Mistinguett, Joséphine Baker take part of his "good girlfriends".

During the STAVISKY’s case, he is pretending that before his suicide, the swindler who rattled the Republic have had confide him all of his secret notebooks. 

During the war, he will be Violette Morris’ lover aka « la Hyène de la rue Lauriston » alumnus athlete entered at the GESTAPO services. Then, he will use of his frequentations in the showbusiness to play the standbys for Charles Vanel. 

His adventure life will be counted by his friend Auguste le Breton in  "LES PEGRIOTS"He Died In 1974.

- Extract from the book CAIDS STORY- J PIERRAT  ( adviced by Fleurs de Bagne)