KNITWEAR T-SHIRT « Mauvaise Tête mais Bon Cœur »

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The T-SHIRT "Mauvaise Tete mais bon Coeur" is made in an old French Family owned Hosiery.

  • 100% combed soft cotton. 190gr
  • color: WHITE
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Knitting on a Tubular Machine "LOOPWHEELER".
  • Round collar ruffle / short sleeves
  • Tubular fitting.
  • Printed with Inkwater biodegradable.
  • Made in France.

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DailyNews in Marseille: on Thursday, November 8th, 1929.

Among the arrests made yesterday by the police of Marseille, one was for a man carrying a prohibited weapons, it deserves to be noted, not for the offence in itself, but for the original particuliarity of the individual who was tattooed on the forehead with the words: " Children of CAYENNE ".

On his neck, a phrase which tells a lot: “ MAUVAISE TETE MAIS BON COEUR" (Rebel but with a good heart) …
Here is one man easy to be identified, in case of future arrest!