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Apply this wax on your canvas products and rest assured that they will remain waterproof (water repellent) and last longer. Requiring some heat and elbow grease, this special British Millerain formula can be easily applied. This product is perfect for our jackets "LE FALOT"

  • Wax for coton wax clothing
  • 40 ml
  • Made in UK


  1. Mop up any excess dirt with clean, cold water.
  2. Place the wax box in lukewarm water to soften it.
  3. Apply with a clean cotton cloth with special attention to the seams, elbows, pockets and cuffs.

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British Millerain is the original manufacturer of waxed cotton for outerwear and the world’s leading specialist in waxed cotton fabrics

Based in Lancashire, the heart of the UK textile industry, our range of textiles has been developed through more than a century of innovation, using skills handed down through six generations. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to develop trusting and lasting partnerships with many of the industry’s leading brands, and driven our growth as a globally respected manufacturer of fabrics for outerwear.