sweatshirt "Jo le boxeur"

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Le Sweatshirt "JO le BOXEUR" is manufactured in an old French familiary hosiery in Bretagne

  • Natural INDIGO Color
  • 100% Natural Moleton Cotton.
  • Sailor patronage Splayed Neck  Raw Finition. Thread effect
  • ¾ Sleeves Raw Finition. Thread Effect 
  • French Quality Manufacture
  • Limited Edition
  • Made In France
  • Screenprinted with Biodegradable water ink. Ecosystem guarantee.

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Jo Attia, real name Joseph Attia Brahim, born June 10, 1916 and died June 22, 1972, is a Parisian Bad Boy 1940 to 1960, owner of Gavroche restaurant in Paris.He was a member of GANG DES TRACTIONS AVANT and was also involved in the kidnapping of BEN BARKA (a Morocan Politician and opponent of king Hassan II) and in the case of Colonel Antoine Argoud, (a French officer, an opponent of General De Gaule policies and a member of the OAS – Secret Army Organisation – who wanted to keep Algeria as a french colony). These controversial operations were attributed to the French Secret Services during the Gaullist era.

Forsaken by his father and raised by his grandparents until the age of 12, Jo is placed in a foster home because they can not stand one another.

In his family home, the beatings are common currency for Jo. In 1930, at age 14, to escape the abuse, he runs away.

In Lyon, he gets a 6 months prison sentence and meet with a world that will become familiar. At his release, it attends the Navy Cadets school in Brest which he fails due to insufficient education.

JO went to Paris where he founds himself in the gutter of society . There he meets the NOTAIRE, a cheat and forger who sees in him a success as a boxer, but refuses to let him fix a fight. The Notaire gets killed for it and JO hangs up the gloves. He spends most of his time in bars bars and dancing halls of the Bastille area and teams up with some low down punks of the neighbourhood.

First assault, with a 6.35 gun in hand and he returns to prison for seven months of preventive incarceration before the case is dismissed. Around this time he was suspected to have settled the account (killed) of Vito the Sicilian, the presumed murderer of his mentor in boxing, the Notaire.

JO begins to make a famous The BALAJO in rue de Lappe . ( A dance Hall that opened in 1936 and still exists)..... (A history of the underworld J.Pierrat)

In 1936, aged 19, joined the Bat d'Af in Tatahouine to carry out his militaire service. In this school of vice and crime he meets Pierre Loutrel aka "Pierrot le Fou" with which he befriends.

Like other big names of the time, JO is tattooed from head to toe.

Broken chains on ankles, portrait of a woman in the back, a guillotine on the left and a prostitute on the right arm, various awards: "bad head but good heart," "Be Careful" and "I saw you" on the knees.

On his face, a stylised cockroach, ie three points, half cleared, healed, turned blue near the outer corner of the eye near the eyebrows. On his body, the most notable was the three heads that decorated his chest.

This representation, called "Heart of Thug" meant "I thought I loved, I suffered"

(Paris-Gangster Guys, macs and Micmacs of the Parisien underworld